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You Can Hold A Congress At Night But Citizens Can’t Demonstrate At Night? 0liver Baker-Vormawor .READ FULL





congress at night but citizens cannot demonstrate at night

The New Patriotic Party [NPP] can hold a congress at night but citizens cannot demonstrate at night what’s wrong with this country called Ghana.

Do you mean, terrorists will look at an event that has all our problems gathered at one place and say oh no, we are waiting for the Arise Ghana demonstration and others.

Either we want to be a serious democracy or we will continue to be where we are and never make significant strides in making a better Ghana now for the generations yet unborn.

We refuse to recognize the several ways in which we put restrictions in the way of citizens to prevent them from holding the government to account for the monies paid through the hard-earned toils of Ghanaians.

We cannot tie the hands of activists behind their backs and allow politicians to do as they please. Shalom

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