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WOW WATCH: How a Ghanaian is using technology to catch thieves



Ghanaian is using technology


As criminals find sophisticated ways to make away with your property, investments and livelihoods, a Ghanaian owned security firm is using technology to prevent theft.

While many individuals, companies and firms have implored the services of armed security and CCTV technology, this indigenous firm is through a mobile app tracking the happenings of one’s surroundings.

Rufai, who a is representative of the company during an interaction with Crime Check TV said the idea was borne out of his own experience with criminals when he was robbed on his return to Ghana from the United States in 2019.

“I came to Ghana to 2019 to work on something for a friend and I was in the long run robbed of my items in my possession. The thieves traced where I was living and caught up with me in the process. They inflicted some knife wounds on me and robbed me at gun point. It is by the Grace of God I am alive today,” Rufai recounted.


“Based on my experience I decided to do something good for the public with the introduction of this security system. I designed and sampled a panel that took me about 2 years to come up with. The panel comes with a door sensor which can detect an entry of a person and it comes with a siren and everything I designed was made with wireless technology because the thieves are able to cut away the wires when trying to rob you,” he added.

Watch the video below:



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