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“Why I married an old man 0ver a young man” – Regina Daniels explains>>READ FULL



Regina Daniels


When actress Regina Daniels, at age 19, decided to marry Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko, who was almost 60 at the time, many could not fathom her reasons.

After several years of dating her young sweetheart, Somadina Adinma, many had thought and hoped the two would end up in a happy marriage.

However, Regina Daniels had a different plan. He wanted an established man who could attend to her needs and ensure that she was well taken care of.

regina daniels and somadina

That probably could have been why Regina Daniels decided to break up with Somadina Adinma when the opportunity presented for her to marry Ned Nwoko.

In a fresh social media update, Regina Daniels has revealed and explained why she decided to marry a rich old man.

Apart from the fact that a young man has fresh blood and could be more energetic, Regina Daniels was looking for someone who had a deep pocket and would display his love for her not just by words.

According to her, any man who confesses his love to her without having anything to show for it would be shown the door…reason Somadina was probably shown the exit when Ned Nwoko walked in.regina daniels and ned nwoko

 Regina Daniels explanation for her decision to marry Ned Nwoko after all –  “When you confess your feelings for me with nothing to offer, abeg getat”

She wanted more than words, and a young man like Somadina was not in that position. He could not compete with Ned Nwowko who had strong financial muscle for her love.

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