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Who thought the zebra could escape such death Ring. IQ200 Watch




In order to survive in an environment with so many large carnivores including lions, leopards, hyenas, zebras evolved into a special type of animal that reacts quickly and is mobile. They can not only flee in the face of danger, but also possess a strong reaction if caught.

This incredible scene was recorded on an African savannah. Accordingly, when discovering zebras roaming in the river, the lioness rushed to attack to get herself a hearty meal

Initially, lions won the advantage when using sharp teeth to bite the neck of the zebra, causing the prey to bleed painfully. However, despite being bitten by a lion in the neck, the zebra quickly regained his composure and kicked his kick to hit the danger of the predator. It then quickly wrestles the lion on its back and sinks the opponent into the water.

Due to choking, lions are forced to let go of their prey. Taking this opportunity, the zebra immediately galloped ashore and fled. After a few seconds of being stunned, the lion got up to chase the prey but failed

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