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Watch Kwaku Bosam Reaction Over The Repentance of Former Member Nana Agradaa



Kwaku Bosam


The worshipers of deities in Ghana, lead by fetish priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam have expressed anger over the repentance of their member Nana Agradaa.

An audio gone viral captures Kwaku Bonsam warning Nana Agradaa not to criticize or denounce people who still believe and worship idols.

Kwaku Bonsam added that Agradaa is like a sister to him and although he smells something fishy in her decision to become a new creation, he wishes her well.


He made a shocking revelation that Nana Agradaa had already purchased a church which belonged to pastor Apae Live so she had already planned of switching if her scam went too far.


Listen to Kwaku Bonsam below.

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