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Video: Video Of Slayqueen Twerking Vigorously Hits Online




A lot of social media Slayqueens do unthinkable and unimaginable things to gain social media and internet fame. Although some do things we see as common others also do extraordinary things just to get social media users talk about them so they can get the necessary fame they want on the social media space.

In a video making waves of social media, a Slayqueen shares a video of herself twerking massively on a car which was seen moving with a very fast speed while drifting.

Although it looks scary, some social media users seems to like her new style of twerking and others could be seen hailing here in the comments section of the post.

This Slayqueen seems to be very talented in twerking because of how she positioned herself on the fast moving car and massively shaking her backside like her whole life depends on it.

watch the video below

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