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Video: See how a motor rider escaped an untimely death.




The invention of vehicles is something that has really solved a very big problem in our modern society. This has made traveling very fast relative to some centuries back. It has also boosted the worlds economy in soo many ways. Talk of those who sell the vehicles and those who use it for commercial transportation of people as well as the delivery of goods across regions and nations.

In as much as vehicles have come to solve problems, there is also the negative impact of the invention of these vehicles. Vehicles have made it easy for criminals to escape criminal scenes when they are noticed or even to get away with stolen items so fast. Also many lives have been taken because of vehicles through accidents.






Even though we might sometimes argue that some of these accidents were probably due to the negligence of someone possibly they wouldn’t have occurred of these machines were not available. Some of these accidents are not the fault of anyone, they just occur.

A typical examples is a video that has been shared on social media. In the video a trailer having a container on it was negotiating a curve. At the same time a motorcyclist was also negotiating a curve at the same place but in different lanes. In the process the container fell of the trailer causing the trailer to also subside towards where the motorcyclist was also negotiating his curve.





The good thing was that, the motorcyclist noticed earlier which made him slow down. If not for that, the container and the trailer would have fallen on him leading to his untimely death.




This is how this motorcyclist escaped this untimely death which would have been caused by the use of vehicle. Many lives have been taken in this manner and absolutely nothing could have been done. It high time vehicles are made in a fashion that will eliminate accident from occurring or even if it ever occur, no life would be lost. This is because these machines were made to enhance life not to take lives.



Below is the video to how the motorcyclist escaped an untimely death.



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