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Video of lookalike of Shatta Wale pops up and the striking resemblance is just amazing




Charles Nii Armah Mensah is a dancehall artist in the country and he is popularly known in the showbusiness as Shatta Wale. This guy is loved by most people due to the behavior he exhibits.

He can be controversial sometimes, he can be fun sometimes, he can be irritating sometimes and be can be cool at other times. I think what most Ghanaians love about him is how he relates with the public and also, his comical sense.



A new guy has surfaced on the internet and I bet you would think he is Shatta Wale upon first sight. The resemblance is striking such that spotting the difference can be tough for people who do not really know the dancehall artist.







One surprising thing about this new guy is that, he talks like Shatta Wale. He has adjusted the tone of his voice so it could look similar to that of the dancehall artist. Aside that, he walks like Shatta and also dresses like him.








How can he look exactly like Shatta Wale? You could hear people ask him in the video about who he is to the dancehall artist. He had to say he is the twin brother of the legend which I know isn’t true.




People have started tagging Wale and I know this guy is going to go viral very soon. The time of Ghana 2Pac and Mona Moble is over, is this the time for this new guy to shine?




watch the video below



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