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Video Of High School Kids Taking Turns To Chop Each Other In The Class Pops Up (+VIDEO)



High School Kids Taking Turns


A video of circulating on social shows how some teenagers from an unidentified high school were busily “eating” themselves in the full glare of their colleagues.


In the video, the high school students who didn’t care about the fact their friends were recording them were busily doing their thing.

Another part of the video shows some boys fighting over a girl and some girls fighting over some boys with another set of girls busily kissing each other.

This makes us wonder what exactly is happening in the world especially with the kind of lifestyle these kids are displaying on social media. Who is to blame? The teachers or the parents of the kids?

Watch the video below;

Does anyone know where this kind school is located? Adwaman plus violence 🔥🔥❤❤

— Coke Boy ❄🐍 (@heiscokeboy) May 19, 2021

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