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[+VIDEO]: Guy’s Manhood Swells And He Goes Mad After Refusing To Use His Mother For Money Rituals…




A video of a young guy on the street of Lagos has surfaced on social media and it’s causing massive reactions from netizens. An unidentified man and his girlfriend saw a young man who is seemingly mad walking on the street half naked and they decided to interrogate the young man as the recorded him on camera. They questioned about what made him to act mad in the street and the response he gave was very shocking.


According to him, his name is Success and he is left with only one year to be a graduate from the university. He narrated that, he got very rich and enjoyed a luxurious life when he joined a money ritual occult group. Later, the superiors of the occult group demanded that he brings his mother for a money ritual, but he refused. This has made his manhood to enlarge and become very big to the extent that he can no longer hide it. Aside his enlarged manhood, he sometimes go mad and loses control of himself.


He finally advised that, no one should ever join any kind of spiritual occult group, because it is only going to ruin your life.


watch the video below


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