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Video Drops As Police Officers Sleep On Duty While A Lady Was Being Raped Nearby




Police officers at the Roodepoort police station have landed on the wrong side of netizens on social media after a shocking video captures them doing what they ain’t supposed to be doing while on duty popped up online.

In a video currently making rounds on the net, a man was heard lamenting how a lady was being raped nearby some police officers who were fast asleep while on duty.

The man whose face wasn’t shown in the video seemed enraged by what he identified as officer incompetence, expressing his displeasure after the officer refused to answer his calls when he attempted to investigate a rap£ incident in the area.

According to the man, he attempted to contact the officers on duty via phone call twice before getting into his car and driving to the Roodepoort Community Service Centre.

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Upon arrival at the police station, the man had to confront the police officers who were not visible through the glass where the man stood to record the video. He told them that he had phoned them twice to report the case but there was no response.

“Is that how you treat the public after you’ve given down an oath that you will protect the public. Now you can just stand… and rub your eyes but you are taking our money for your salary“, he lamented.

“I got into my car and drove here to tell you that they are raping a lady on the corner of 7th Avenue and 7th Street and you refuse to speak to me.” he added.

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He even threatened to call a senior officer to inform him about the incompetence and negligence of the officers on duty while crime continues to raid the community.

He finally makes his way past the counter and into the police department, where he addresses four officers who are all waiting in the dark.

To his dismay, he saw four police officers sleeping on duty. He was heard lambasting them for sleeping on duty while the victim was being raped.

Watch the video below:

Apparently this is at Roodeport Police station. We’re in hell.

— Farah C. Fortune (@fcfortune) May 8, 2021

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