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Video 0f Tracey Boakye saying “I choose men for sex and dump them”



I choose men for sex and dump them


I choose men for sex and dump them

Video of Tracey Boakye saying

On the back of the colourful wedding of Tracey Boakye, a video has popped up about her past.

Not so long ago, Tracey Boakye in an exclusive interview said she chooses men for sex and later dumps them.

According to her statement, she held the authority to pick men she likes for sex and later let them go.

Although Frank Badu Ntiamoah has now come out as the supposed “papa no” we can’t close our eyes to the obvious words of Tracey Boakye.

Her sayings are quite contrary to what she is doing now which in turn raises doubts about her marriage and why she had decided eventually to marry.

“I don’t any relationship. When I need a man, she comes, I have sex with her and just move on. I have sex with the man and just dump him thereafter.”

Could the content of the video have any repercussions on the marriage of Tracey Boakye? We wait to see.

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