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The Lion Caught on The Fangs Got It’s Head In the Wrong Place. Epic Battle 1



The Lion Caught on The Fangs


The Lion

The Lion Caught on The Fangs

Nobody wants to be eaten, and therefore any victim, whether it be a wild boar or a small antelope, will defend itself, even against a huge predator, so even lions risk serious injury from a potential victim.

And even if the prey is already in the teeth, it is rarely possible to have a quiet bite, other predators strive to snatch their piece. And there are situations when it’s even better to leave your prey and run away so as not to become someone’s victim yourself.

Buffaloes, though not confidently, try to protect their calves, and as a rule, several animals from a huge herd try to drive away hungry lions. Crocodiles will also not miss the chance, if the crocodile is in the water, it runs the risk of getting caught on sharp hooks.

Predators in business, the lion caught on the fangs. The most epic battles of wild animals “in 5 minutes”

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