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Terrible.. This brave giraffe Was T0 attacks a lion to save her Newly Born child’s life



brave giraffe


This brave giraffe Was To attacks a lion to save her Newly Born child

We make documentary videos about the life and behavior of animals in the wild. You will understand the wildlife of animals that we rarely see in real life. After watching our video, you will understand more about the cruel life of these wild animals and fall in love with them.

 brave giraffe
brave giraffe

Giraffes have two records in the animal kingdom: they are the tallest land animals and also the largest ruminants. Giraffes are native to Africa and are mammals of the order clogs to toes.

Weighing up to 1,800 kg, and up to 5 meters in height, giraffes never sweat or breathe heavily to cool their bodies, and instead allow their body temperature to fluctuate with the temperature, to save water.

Their food is leaves and grass.

Giraffes are particularly affected by their very long necks to feed on the young shoots of tall trees. They can eat around the clock without getting bored. Deer eat up to 29 kilograms of vegetation in one day.

Their favorite food is acacia leaves.

To distinguish between male and female giraffes, look at their horns. Male giraffes will not have hair on top of their horns, while female giraffes have darker hair on the top of their horns.

The mother giraffe is 13 to 14 months pregnant and gives birth to only one giraffe baby at a time.

A baby giraffe can get up and walk around its mother a few hours after it is born. And when living in the wild, giraffes have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, and living in zoos or national parks, they can live up to 28 years.


Giraffes use their height to reach leaves and buds that other animals cannot reach. One thing you don’t know is that a giraffe’s tongue is also quite long, which increases its ability to recharge daily.

Like buffalo, cow, antelope, sheep, deer, deer..they often burp their food together throughout the day.

The giraffe eats hundreds of kilograms of plant food every week, so its roaming behavior is to satisfy its need to eat. Since they live in savannas, areas of open woodland that are home to notorious carnivores, the height of giraffes also provides them with excellent visibility.

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