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Sister caught Jnr Brother and Mother in b3d, they stabbed her to Dæth. Watch video




What is written is written.

We think destiny they say is somehow true. And in such circumstances, we think this lady wasn’t destined to die at that second, minute, hour, nor that day.

From what was heard in the video as the lady narrates,

she once got home and found her mother and junior brother nãk3d in bed and from the look of things it was clear  that there was something going on between the two.

Conscience stood in as they had I’ll feeling she might tell people about such outrageous act.

As the saying goes better to die than to be sheepish.

To button her lips, they decide to take her life.

Being wicked enough they stabbed her while she was asleep, although she didn’t had it in mind, telling anyone about what she saw.

More to tell about this story, take a minute to watch the video below..


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