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Sakawa Ring VIDE0: Mallam removed ring from Boy’s Finger And drops secrets




Mallam removed ring from Boy’s Finger And drops secrets

The Mallam who rescued the infamous 19-year-old boy who wore a friend’s Sakawa ring in Kasoa Iron city has finally granted an interview to detail out what transpired between him and the family of the boy.

Identified as Sheik JB, the spiritualist in an interview on Angel Tv

debunked the popular assumption that he demanded the blood

of a newborn child before he removed the ring from the boy’s finger.

According to JB who is an Islamic imam in Kasoa Iron city,

Mallam removed ring

Mallam removed ring

all he gave out to the boy’s family was some herbs he had on

him during the time they came to his residence for help.

He added that he was paid 20 Ghana cedis for his services though he didn’t officially charge the family for his intervention.

Swerving the question of whether the ring was indeed Sakawa or not,

the spiritualist promised to come out again to expose the spiritual powers bound to the ring.

He went to drop other massive revelations about the ring.

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Watch video below


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