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Rhino Charges Elephant, Elephant Thr0ws Stick! full





Rhino Charges Elephant, Elephant Throws Stick!

“Once we got there, we were welcomed with lunch on the water’s edge. Shortly after that, we embarked on our afternoon game drive. We were driving around the marshy wetlands on the island when we encountered a herd of elephants and a crash of rhinos. It was here where the standoff began. It was an absolutely amazing sensation to see and be a part of the standoff. The young elephant bull in musth showed this male white rhino who was boss. We could all physically feel the testosterone aura that surrounded the battlefield of these 2 ancient rivals.”

Elephant Shows Rhino Who’s Boss!


“The fighting ended in a stalemate with no winner. I would, however, say, the balancing act of the branch and the elephant “throwing” the branch at the rhino was a somewhat cheeky ending to the standoff. I believe they both showed their belonging in the area with mutual respect, making both of them the ultimate winners. This standoff was an extremely rare sighting – it is not every day that we can personally engage with 2 of the big 5 at this level. That is why I shared it with Latest Sightings. If you’re ever so lucky to have an experience like this, then cherish every moment as it truly doesn’t happen every day. Feel the energy and engage personally with our wonderful South African nature”.


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