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“Na Water Full This One”- Lady With Big Slappy Backside S3ducely Shakes It Online (Video)




A yet to be identified woman with a heavy backside had caused controversial statements to air on social media following a trending video of her that was shared.

The young slay queen is seen in the video, dancing with her backside that was covered with a thin layer of jump suit clothing clapping up and down and men can’t get their eyes of it.

Some have already started tagging her as a daughter of Jezebel who has being sent to destroy their marriage and at the look of things, she’s really doing well.

One comment tagged her backside as a water tank due to flexible nature in which it shakes.

In other news, Lorraine Lionheart, a popular Botswana musician based in the United Kingdom, has stated that her curvy body is a blessing. 

The singer, who has performed in Nigeria on several occasions, said she has had enjoyable experiences in various parts of the country.

She made this known during a recent interview with the Saturday Beats and in her submission, she said;

“Na Water Full This One”- Lady With Big Slappy Backside Shakes It Online (Video)
“Na Water Full This One”- Lady With Big Backside Tagged As Water Ikebe Shakes It Online (Video)

“My curvy body is such a blessing; I cannot find anything negative honestly. God will slap me if I ever complain. I am one of His chosen ones to show off His unbelievable creativity and I am doing a damn good job. God is so happy with me. So, no disadvantages over here. In fact, the advantages increase every day.

It’s hard to name one place in Nigeria I love because these cities have all given me an amazing feeling of home. I have had such a warm welcome in Calabar, Abuja, Lagos and Benin and I am now actually actively looking for charities and community projects to support in Nigeria so that I can also give back in some way.

In the same interview, she spoke about what brings her peace and she said;

“L0ve, s3x, and money, what comes first for me? Whichever that brings peace. The three of them can be stressful now and then. I guess any can come first; as long as I am depending on me to get them, then, there is peace. I give myself love, I perform s3x on myself regularly and I make my own money.

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