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Mother iguana avenges her child when she was Being eaten by a mongoose, how will the Savage battle end




As a human how do you react when your ward is being attacked by others. Would you Intervene to save your child from a fierce attack knowing very well your strength might not be a match to the opponent.

The answers to these questions are very simple, Do one even need to answer this question before knowing how they would react to an attack on their child. NO big NO.

Despite your feebleness you would still move forward to save your child. Just like we human, the  animals are no different they even love their young ones more than us.

A flower iguana (scientific name: Varanus salvator) was attacked and eaten by a mongoose. However, later, the mother found out about the incident and sought revenge for her child.

The mongoose not only does not run away, but actively rushes to attack the opponent very quickly. This action of it was effective when it bit the lizard’s snout and neutralized this sharp weapon.

When the mongoose just let loose to attack, the lizard’s opportunity came. It attacks quickly towards the opponent and at least once causes the mongoose to suffer.

However, after that, the civet bit hard on the iguana’s snout and this time the iguana had to run away first.

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