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Mona Gucci Hot as Blogger Exposes her for Allegedly Begging A ‘Small Boy’ to Date Her




Onua TV’s controversial television personality, MONA GUCCI, is reportedly in hot soup after being exposed by a blogger.

According to Mari Gyata on Instagram – a well-known nemesis of Mona – the media personality is desperately trying to get a far younger guy than her to date her.

Mari Gyata claims Mona has been begging this young man to date her and the gentleman keeps refusing.

The blogger mocked her for being very old and trying to get a young man to date.


According to her, Mona has been trying to play down her age by telling the guy her kids look older than they actually are because they’re ‘yankee children’ ie, Children born abroad who grow incredibly fast!

Mari spared no punches landing blows on Mona.

She wrote: “As old as you are you will not look for your size. There is nothing wrong with dating a younger guy but this is a special case. Mona nnim paa se boy nu wo mpena nso abrewa togas se kyenkyinaa boy yi na op3. Leave Teddy for his girlfriend wai na they are age mates and go look for your size,”

Some chats were also posted alongside which supposedly show Mona’s interest in the young guy.

check them out below


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