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Moment Australia’s largest snakes dislocates its jaw and devours a wallaby




The huge scrub python dislocates its jaw as it extends around the lower section of the wallaby in this photo. People were eager to comment on the photo, with some accusing it of being manipulated. The scrub python, Australia’s largest snake, dislocates its jaw while consuming a wallaby in Queensland earlier this month.



The python wraps itself around the wallaby and uses every muscle in its body to force the prey further into its mouth. Scrub pythons, which are prevalent in Northern Queensland, can grow to be eight meters long and eat tiny animals, especially wallabies. In Northern Queensland, there have been many further occurrences of scrub pythons attacking wallabies in 2019, with video evidence showing a scrub python in attack mode.



Snake Catchers Rolly Burrell told the ABC that snakes targeting such creatures was not uncommon. They literally rip away [their mouth], their jaw dislocates totally, it’s really pretty unique, “he explained. They have to cuddle up somewhere and digest something that big after they’ve eaten it. Some of them may even die if they consume an overly large prey; the animal inside bloats up to a tremendous size, and they may perish.’

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