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Male lion proudly displays hunting skills in front of mates and tourists. watch video




During a tour at the Mara Safari reserve, visitors stop to observe wildebeest crossing a river to find new food. Also in this place appeared a herd of lions.

The hunting opportunities for lions are great, they don’t take too much effort or planning to hunt. This time, single lions can also earn their own rewards. However, among them, a lioness tried to “swim” among the antelopes but still could not catch any prey.

The visitor’s camera is directed at this unlucky lioness. It almost fell into a state of helplessness as it lay down on the grass, wildebeest kept running past, pointing their horns at it and gliding past. Suddenly, a mighty male lion rushed out to knock down a wildebeest. The lioness clearly shows her joy when the male lion proves his bravery with the move “Hero saves beauty”.

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