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List Of Ghana’s Top 25 Richest Men For The Year 2021 Drops – Check Out The Full Details




As usual, titans like Sir Sam Jonah, Ibrahim Mahama, Charles Ampofo didn’t fail to appear on the list.

Citing from the list, most of the richest people in Ghana are CEOs, politicians, investors, stakeholders in highly reputable companies, among many others.

Mr Charles Ampofo who is the CEO of Kampac group claims the No.1 spot with a total networth of $1.46 billion spot followed by Ernesto Taricone with $1.3 billion then  Sir Sam E. Jonah with a staggering accumulation of $1.2 billion networth.

Academician Dr. Kwesi Botchwey secured the 25 position with a networth around $200 million.

Check out the full list below to know more…

25. Dr. Kwesi Botchwey – $200 million

Dr. Kwesi Botchway is a law professor with an estimated net worth of $200 million. He has taken numerous significant academic roles at the biggest universities in the world. He has also served as a director at Havard University.

24. Dr. Yaw Osafo-Maafo – $220 million

Ghana boasts of many qualified individuals ready to venture into other businesses to boost the country’s economy. Dr. Yaw is such an individual who left his profession following his fortune in other fields. Yaw Osafo-Maafo joins the richest people in Ghana, considering his massive $220 million net worth.

He worked in the baking industry, including the National Investment Bank and African Development, as a consultant.

23. Tsatsu Tsikata – $245 million

Tsatsu Tsikata, with a net worth of $245 million, is one of the wealthiest people in Ghana. He is a professional lawyer and doubles up as a businessman dealing in the petroleum business. Most people recognize him for his exceptional performance while working as the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation CEO.

22. Nana Akufo-Addoh – $250 million

Nana Akufo-Addo is the current president of Ghana. He is not the richest man in Ghana, but he has acquired a lot of wealth over time, estimated to be $250 million. Apart from being a prominent political figure, he is also a competent lawyer. Before he joined politics, Nana was practising law.

21. Alexander Kofi Mensah Mould – $282 million

Like most business tycoons in Ghana, Mensah Mould is also into the oil business and has a net worth of $282 million. He has made a fortune in the sector because of his managerial leadership experience. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics and Decision-Making Sciences.

His successful career is traceable to Ghana National Petroleum Corporation. Apart from him dealing in oil, he has also served in the Executive Director position of the Board of Standard Chartered Bank. Precisely, he has held various high positions in the business space earning him a considerable fortune.

20. Dr. Kwesi Nduom – $300 million

Dr. Kwesi Nduom is one of the brightest minds regarding business consultancy services, with a net worth of $300 million. He has worked for various organizations in the country before becoming the rich man he is today. He holds a PhD in Service Delivery, and he significantly contributed to the establishment and Deloitte and Touche.

He is the founder of several businesses operating in different parts of Ghana. Some of them include Coconut Groove Hotels, Gold Coast Investments, First National Savings, and Loans organizations. He runs these businesses with his wife.

19. Haruna Iddrisu – $300 million

Haruna Iddrisu joins the list of young rich guys in Ghana. He is an established optician, barrister, and businessman who has been active in politics. He deals in different business ventures that increase his wealth, although most of his interests are not known by the public. His net worth is roughly $300 million.

18. Dr. Kofi Amoah – $350 million

Dr. Amoah joins the list of rich personalities in Ghana with a net worth of $350 million. He is the founder and CEO of Citizen Kofi Entertainment Center and other companies. He is known to have a close association with the Western Union and several other banks in the continent. Dr. Amoah has also served on various boards ranging from sports to insurance.

17. Serge Bakalian – $460 million

Serge Bakalian is the Takoradi Flour Mills current CEO with a net worth of $460 million. He has been running the affiliated family company since he took over from his Armenian father. The company is among the few in the industry, making a considerable fortune in Ghana.

16. Ghassan Yared – $480 million

Ghassan Yared’s success and $480 million net worth did not come in a fortnight. He has worked his way up from 1993 to date in various businesses. He owns Forewin Ghana Limited, which is among the largest companies in Ghana. Many Ghanaians widely recognize it for its notable work.

15. Kwabena Agyare Danquah – $500 million

Kwabena is the renowned founding father of Metalex and has accumulated a net worth of $500 million. His company focuses on the production of premium roofing materials.

14. The Azar family – $530 million

Elia Azar is a Ghanaian of Lebanese descent that founded the Azar Group. The firm is managed by Rustom Azar and Ghazi Azar and produces paints and several products in Ghana. The entire Azar family has a net worth of around $530 million, putting them on the Ghana billionaires list.

13. The Hitti Family – $540 million

The latest report suggests that the Hitti family has a net worth of $540 million. The family headed by Robert Hiti runs the HITTI Group, which is linked to nine other subsidiary businesses in Ghana and other countries in Africa.

12. Ramchand Udharam Mohinani – $580 million

Ramchand is the Mohiani Group manager renowned for possessing some influential firms, including Somovision, Polytank, and many more. He has a net worth of $580 million.

11. Joseph Siaw Ayepong – $600 million

Joseph established the Jospong Group conglomerate that has more than 32 subsidiaries all over Ghana. The conglomerate that has amassed the millionaire around $600 million has business operations in 11 Ghanaian industries, and it is still growing and expanding its footing.

10. Millad Milet and family – $620 million

Millad hails from Lebanon and has a net worth of $620 million. He founded Printex limited, a firm that specializes in the production of textiles.

9. The Awuah-Darko Family – $650 million

The family is worth $650 million. Probably, the fortune is generated from the Vanguard Group of companies. The family consists of Awuah Kingsley Kwame Awuah-Darko, Daniel Awuah-Darko Jnr, David Awuah-Darko, and Harold Awuah-Darko.

8. Kwabena Duffuor – $680 million

Kwabena owns a significant number of shares in UniBank. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the House of Duffour Asset Holdings. The company is likely to be affiliated with his family or belongs to him alone, as the name suggests.

Also, Ghana considers him the founding father of The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). His current net worth is $690 million.

7. The Irani Family – $800 million

The Irani Fami comprises Edmund Irani and his brother, Anthony Irani. The family owns the largest wheat flour company in the country, known as Brothers & Others Limited. Their estimated net worth is believed to be $800 million.

6. Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odyamat – $850 million

Alhaji Mohammed is a Ghanaian of Lebanese origin with a net worth of $850 million, making him one of Ghana’s rich men. He has numerous investments, including a business engagement with BBC Industrial (Ghana) Limited, whereby he serves as the Board Chairman.

5. Michael Ibrahim Mahama – $860 million

He is a businessman and one of the popular rich men in Ghana. Ibrahim Mahama has an impressive reputation in the private sector with a net worth of $860 million. He drew his inspiration from his father, who happens to be a renowned business person too. Michael majors in the mining industry, and most people recognize him from his managing role at the Engineers and Planners organization.

Micheal recently opened a cement company called Dzata cement limited that’s doing remarkably well in the economy.

4. Nabil Edmond Moukarzel – $900 million

Nabil joins the list of rich personalities in Ghana with a net worth of $900 million. He owns the most significant share in Fintrade, one of the largest food manufacturing and distribution firms in West Africa.

The company has other subsidiaries, including Akufo Adamfo, Ghana Market Direct Ltd, Continental Commodity Trading Company, Sucatrade, and many more.

3. Sir Sam E. Jonah – $1.2 billion

Sir Sam is a distinguished Ghanaian businessman. He has reached the prime of his career with a net worth of around $1.2 billion. Most of his business ventures are based in South Africa. His line of business is oil, mining, agriculture, finance, real estate, among others.

He has led different organizations such as Ashanti Goldfields that merged with AngloGold in 2004. The merger was worth $1.48 billion.

2. Ernesto Taricone – $1.3 billion

You have probably heard of the name, considering his vast wealth and wide range of investments in Ghana and abroad. Ernesto is the Trasacco Group head, a conglomerate with vested interests in agriculture, mining, forestry, and real estate. He has a net worth of around $1.3 billion making him one of the most influential Ghanaian billionaires.

1. Charles Ampofo – $1.46 billion

Charles Ampofo is the richest man in Ghana, with a net worth of $1.46 billion. He is the creative mind behind the invention of the reputable Kampac group. The company deals in oil transactions in Dubai and the Philippines. Other companies under it include Kampac Resources, Kampac Travels, Kampac Properties, KampacFlora, and Kampac Telecom.

Apart from being the chairman of his company, Mr. Ampofo is also a Fortune Forum Group member. He has been a member of the group for over 12 years.

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