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Just In-The Background Of Jonas : New Video Pops as when and where Twene Jonas Started Blasting Leaders.



Twene Jonas


People Had always thought Jonas Is Outshining his country just because he had the grace and left for New York.

But after a massive investigation and digging in done by we found the actual truth on  Jonas Twene as when and where he started his thing.

From the videos gathered by we found out Jonas started this dreams to better Ghana by blasting the leader whiles he live here as nobody.

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He had variety of video speaking his concerns while he was in Ghana but didn’t had much audience at that time until he Left for New York which he had now gain many audience listening to him.

From the angel is viewing from, We think Jonas is doing a good job but not to say we are happy with his insults to our leaders but aside that We think he had to show the leaders the light so citizen would have some of their burdens carried down.

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Watch Video Below:




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