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Headmistress Takes JHS Students To Shrine Over Missing Capitation Grant





Madam Akyaa Kusi, Headmistress of Mt. Sinai Methodist JHS in the Dompoase Circuit of Asokwa Municipality in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has taken her students to a fetish priest known as Obosom in the area to sear that they should die with their relatives if they have stolen money in her office.

According to investigation by Human Right Reporters Ghana (HRRG) she suspects her students to have stolen GHS 1000 which was money from the school’s capitation grant.

Reports have it that indeed the event occurred where she took the students to the deity.

Some parents have shared displeasure towards the headmistress’ action by solely deciding to go to the deity with the children without informing them.

Information has it that the headmistress later bribed the students with new uniforms and sandals and warned them never to inform anyone about what happened between them.

Regardless parents got informed and confronted the leadership of the school and subsequently reported the case to the Education Office in Asokwa but no attention has been given the issue.

It’s been more than 2 years since the incident occurred and nothing has still been done about it.

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