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Girls Moans Loudly As Guy F!ng3red Her In Swimming p00l.




As said earlier in our previous article, once the Christmas has ended, all sort happenings during then will eventually be surfacing online as a means of retaliations and for other reasons.

It very shameful to engage in a couple goal in the opening when people are around.

I think some senses had to force into the head of such people to respect our culture as Ghanaians.

Many are hiding behind some foolish reasons, adopting to foreign culture and any of that sort and be doing Sh*tty things.

We came across a video on the internet which we can’t turn a blind eyes on.

In the video, it could be seen a lady (one without manners) being F!ng3red in a pool with many others as she smoothly [email protected]

From our knowledge, It might be an organized event as one of  the attendees filmed them secretly.

Watch video below:

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