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Drug Peddling J0ints Springs Up In Accra FULL DETAILS





Drug peddlers

Wee Smoker
Wee Smoker

…Chiefs, Stakeholders Look Unconcerned

The Greater Accra Region is becoming a den for drug peddlers who have set up joints to trade their business.
The fast-springing of these joints in Accra is becoming a worry to some residents whilst, chiefs, politicians and stakeholders sit unconcerned as though nothing of a sort is happening in Accra.

Checks conducted by ‘ADANSIE’ Newspaper have revealed that, Chiefs, politicians and stakeholders are giving closed eyes and ears to these developments because they use these drug peddlers, drug users and the ghetto boys as land guards, political thugs to cause mayhem and foment trouble in the communities.

The Chiefs who are custodians of the land and lead opinion leaders in the various communities are said to have failed in their duties of ensuring that the youth are given the best in terms of education, yet they allowed the youth to do drugs all because they (chiefs) will need people like the drug addicts as land guards and their personal body guards.
Although the Ghana Police Service from time to time, conduct swoops and arrest such “criminals” nothing is heard about them after the arrests.

Most of them are released few hours after the arrest because of the intervention of chiefs and politicians. This development, residents say is creating tension in the various communities where these drug trades are going on.
Investigations conducted by ‘ADANSIE’ revealed areas where hardened drug peddlers and drug addicts are located and are operating.

Areas including Ayaata, (behind John Wesley Methodist Church) Bukom Garden, Shatta Beach, Asere Dade store, Bukom Gutter, Sakumo Wulomo Wonn Seeh, Atukpai, Korle wonkoo Asesay, Korle lagoon UTC, Timber Market, and Amaamo Timber market.

Other locations are, Ussher Clinic James Town Maternity, Slaughter house Booday, Katamanto June 4th, Chorkor Lanteman, Chorkor Tea Garden, Art Center 1 and 2, Odorkor Akata and Odorkor Market.

Information gathered during our investigations revealed that the Chorkor Lanteman drug joint (Ghetto) is being operated by one Otumfour.

Meanwhile, it has also been established that some of these drug peddlers and addicts who were unfortunate to have found themselves in the prisons, could not integrate easily in society after serving their prison term, hence become threat to society and are susceptible to be used by chiefs as land guards and body guards and politicians as political thugs and sometimes, contract killers.

An appeal has been made to the Ghana Police Service to step up their investigations and swoops to get rid of these drug peddlers.

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