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Deliverance Or Wrestling?: Pastor Turns Church Into Wrestling Center While Casting Out Demons




Strange, confusing, unbelievable, unexpected and even funny issues have been happening these days. Sometimes, it is very difficult to believe some issues unless you get some kind of evidence. With the help of smartphones and also social media platforms, getting videos or pictures that serve as sources of evidence pertaining to certain issues can be really quickly and easily.

A video is circulating on social media platforms and as expected is really going viral. This video is about a pastor who was “wrestling” with a church member in an attempt to cast out demons.




As we are all aware, pastors do pray with their church members whether during church services or even one one one counseling and this case is not really different. Activities such as revivals are also organized from time to time. During such times, many people get healed, those who have alleged demons living in them are also cast out.

In an attempt to cast out the alleged demons in the man, the pastor carried him and hit him on the ground as the do in wrestling matches. The congregation also looked on while some also prayed.




watch the video



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