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Blinded by power, the eagle attacks the kangaroo and the ending almost lost his life




Have you relied on your strength and fail before, Sometimes we are blinded on our power and before we realize we would be caught up in a savage situation that we only had to accept defeat.

This is the case of an eagle who had planned an attack on a Kangaroo but didn’t consider all possible risk because it was over confident. After seconds and minutes of trying, it realized it had run out of option had to accept the failure.

The eagle is one of the largest birds of prey in the world and the largest bird of prey of mainland Australia and New Guinea. When mature, the female can weigh from 3 to 5.77 kg and the male is usually lighter, reaching the weight of 2 – 4 kg. They have an average height of more than 95.5cm.

The Australian pointed-tailed eagle is capable of flying for hours in the air at an altitude of more than 1800m in search of prey. They usually live in pairs, and each pair will rule over a territory of more than 100 square kilometers. The food of the pointed-tailed eagle is usually animals such as foxes, wild cats, parrots, ducks, crows, snakes, australian dragons or iguanas… In addition, they also often attack adult kangaroos.

A rare kangaroo hunt by a pointed-tailed eagle was recorded by wildlife observer Marianne Stockham on a farm in the town of Sleaford, South Australia.

In the video, a large eagle is hovering right above a kangaroo’s head and repeatedly tries to swoop down to attack. But the size advantage of the kangaroo actively attacked the eagle.

However, the kangaroo did not run away, but actively rushed to chase away the predator with its front legs. Before the fierce response of the kangaroo, the aerial predator had to accept to give up.

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