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Bl00d C0venant.. C0uple swear @n 0ath w!th each 0thers Bl00d. Watch v!de0




A video of a couple identified as Cameroonians is going viral and from the video, they are performing a blood covenant to strengthen their Feelings.

They used a sharp tool to cut the hand of each other and interchanged their hands and such the blood off whiles murmuring some words together.

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Watching the two, it is obvious the lady in the video was scared but she was encouraged by the man to go on with the covenant.The man identified as Sele Buba shared the video on his Facebook timeline after they were done with their oath.

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Sule Buba received massive backlash from some social media users but he stood his grounds and defended his action. The video has since gone viral with many people reacting to it in diverse ways.

Watch  videobelow

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