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Battle Between King Cobra And Giant Python Ends In Knots




I think this is one of the many moment in the wild life, when two kind but different animals meet in a battle where both have special ability over the other.

the Python can constrict the the cobra to d.eath before it tries to take a bite other way the cobra is a venomous snake. it venom can k.ill a whole elephant, so imagine if it’s able to take a single bite. either way they all might end up

A viral snapshot, most likely from Southeast Asia, depicts a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A de.adly battle between two scaly titans recently ended in a draw, leaving behind a twisted, gory scene.

A king cobra, one of the competitors, was strangled. The second, a reticulated python, had di.ed as well. After being bitten behind the head by the cobra and suffering from the poison of the hooded snake, the python sought to protect itself by squeezing its adversary to de.ath. It was a success. Neither, though, survived.

“It’s insane, yet it’s something I could see happening… “It’s a hazardous world out there, eating other huge snakes and things that may k.i.ll you,” says Coleman Sheehy of the Florida Museum of Natural History, who believes the battle took place somewhere in Southeast Asia, where the two snake species overlap. Both snakes are exceptional among their slithering brethren, and as these things often occur, a photo of the carcasses was uploaded on Facebook.

It rapidly drew the attention of herpetologists and others who were fascinated by the strange sight (we’re all aware of the ouroboros, a symbol representing a serpent devouring its own tail, but who has ever seen a python balled up around a cobra?). “It seems authentic, not manipulated,” says Frank Burbrink of the American Museum of Natural History. “This is a strange experience, but much of what happens with snakes is never easily seen.” This is true even when two huge snake species are involved.


King cobras are the world’s longest venomous snakes, reaching lengths of up to 18 feet. And, as the name of their genus Ophiophagus implies, king cobras devour other snakes. When these cobras strike, they aim for the base of their prey’s skulls and ki.ll by injecting a poisonous mixture that swiftly paralyzes neurological systems and paralyzes their prey. “They can at.tack pretty much any snake they come across,” Sheehy adds.

Reticulated pythons, on the other hand, are the world’s longest snakes, with some reaching lengths of more than 30 feet. They utilize their muscles to strangle their prey, which is usually mammals rather than other snakes. “If there was a predatory occurrence here,” Burbrink adds, “it was king cobra to python.” “And neither of them were successful.” (The world’s longest snake gave birth to a virgin.) It’s unclear how frequently these sorts of apex snake fights occur in the wild. And Burbrink isn’t certain that this fight to the de.ath was the consequence of a chance encounter.

“We know cobras eat other snakes, but you never know whether people are doing silly things to set things up,” adds Burbrink. “People keep king cobras, and let’s see what happens if you throw these guys in a ditch.” There’s a berm on both sides [in the photo], and they might have gone at it, but it could also have happened in the wild. I wish I could have been there to see it.” However, regardless of the trigger, the sequence of events appears to be evident in this situation.

Given the immense size of the adult python, the king cobra attempted to bite a bit more than it could swallow, and the python, in response, did what pythons do: it wrapped itself around and strangled its assailant. Unfortunately, the python’s strength was no match for the cobra’s poison. “It would swiftly ki.ll the python,” Sheehy explains. “They might both be within 30 minutes.”

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