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Avoid Pink Lips: Nigerian Girl Cries After Bleaching Her Lips Goes Wrong, Watch Video




Pink lips has been one means people use to increase their beauty. About 6 out of 10 people posses a pinky lips and out of the 6, 2 may be natural. Based on how pink lips makes one look attractive, a lot people are compelled and infact forced to also have a pinky lips and for that matter, they start to look for a means to leave them a pinky lips.

In doing this, most people choose to use creams to get them this pinky lips by simply applying it on their lips. Others also go by the natural ways by taking in fruits which can clear their lips Which I will not mention. I won’t clearly say it bad, but this bleaching of lips has left people lips deformity such as lip enlargement.

Just recently, a video of Nigerian lady said to undertake natural procedure to get a pinky lips goes wrong surfaced online. The video captured the lady fully in tears. According to the lady, she only went through a natural procedure to render his lips pinky but unfortunately, her lips suddenly started to increase in size after she was done with her lips treatment. According to her, she was never expecting that effect but actually this had to happen while she haunts for her beauty.


The lady also added that, she has over time being using mixed creams, pink lips scrubs and the lot and infact, she is tired of buying such creams so had to go for something that will leave her lasting pink lips.

The lady in strange tears further in the video begged the viewers of the piece to remember her in prayers should that be backed by spiritual forces.

As stated by her,

“I decided to go for natural pink lips because I was tired of buying different types of pink lips balm, pink lips scrub and all that. So I decided to for something that will last for me and this is what I got. I just pray it comes down soon. Because they said it’s going to come down. I guess that’s the process for me to find beauty”.

Watch the video below


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